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Detect Adblockers, ensure ad-revenue

Don't let Adblockers steal your revenue

With our easy-to-install tool you detect your visitors using Adblockers and
give them alternatives to pay for your content or switch off their Adblocker.

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Easy to install

Easy to install

Your visitor has the choice

Your visitor has the choice

Get your revenue back

Get your revenue back

We prevent Adblockers from taking your money. Want to see how? Watch the live Demo

Don't work for free

  • Detect that a visitor is using an adblocker
  • Give him or her a choice how to ‘pay’ for visiting your website
  • They can choose between 
    - Disabling the adblocker (manuals are provided by Adsurity)
    - Filling out a questionnaire or
    - Like your social media

Visitors without an Adblocker won’t notice us

Our software has no impact on visitors without an active adblocker. The only affected are the people that do block your ads. We don’t read or store visitor data illegally too and no personal data (like an IP address) is stored. Also we do not track your visitors with tracking cookies, nor do we build visitor profiles.


Our adblock detection script includes:

  • Customizable AdSurity Wall
  • Integrated A/B testing your Walls
  • Write your own Wall texts or enjoy our optimized text
  • Extensive statistics
  • Implement alternative ways to pay for your content
  • Support multiple languages
  • And more!

Collect every coin for your ads

Make sure what you get what you earned!

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